Series 1500 SW & 1000 SW
Salt Water Resistance Dampers


  • Ideally suited for coastal climates.
  • Recommended for inland applications, where tire spray from winter-salted roads have been known to corrode dampers installed in close proximity to roads or highways.
  • Caution: In applications where the humidity level is unusually elevated, or where there are extremely high levels of dust and dirt particles, we recommend that the damper linkage and bearing system should be cleaned once a year. This can be done easily with the use of a domestic strength steam cleaner. The loosened dirt and water droplets can then be blown out with compressed air.

   Air leakage:

    Leakage Class 1A at 1” w.g. static pressure differential. Standard air leakage data is certified under the AMCA Certified Ratings Program.
    Leakage does not exceed 3 cfm/ft.² against 1” w.g. differential static pressure.

   *This damper is not to be used as a replacement for stainless steel
dampers in applications where there is non-breathable air.

  • Maintain all the advantages of aluminum construction.
  • Added features of these models enhance resistance to salt water, or environments where there is salt in the air.
  • Type 316 stainless steel replaces all parts that are zinc-plated, steel hardware of SERIES 1500 and SERIES 1000 dampers.
  • All aluminum parts are anodized to a depth of 0.7 mil. (18 microns).
  • Blade gaskets and side seals for both SERIES 1000 SW and SERIES 1500 SW are provided in silicone.
  • Constructed with all of the maintenance-free bearing and linkage components of other quality TAMCO products.
    (Caution: Never use any lubricants, such as grease or silicone on TAMCO dampers.)

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