Series 7000 WT
Weighted Back Draft Damper


  • Installations where adjustable blade load opening is required.

   Air leakage:

  • Air leakage through a 24" x 24" (610mm x 610mm) back draft damper does not exceed 4.32 cfm/ft² (21.95 l/s/m²) against 1" (0.25 kPa) w.g. differential static pressure at standard air.
  • Each blade is manufactured with a mounting hole to receive a front-mounted mechanical weight.
  • Weights are supplied, so that the required resistance to the opening of the blade against air flow can be achieved.
  • Series 7000 WT Weighted Back Draft Dampers allow mounting for horizontal air flow and air flow up operation.
  • TAMCO's aluminum construction provides a long, rust-free operational life.
  • Adjustable weights mounted on the exterior face of each blade, permit the blade opening to be tailored to achieve optimal performance based on installation conditions. (Weights are removable.)
  • Weights provide increased load resistance and tighter shut-off.
  • Aluminum pivot points are over-sized for additional strength and durability.
  • Self-lubricating Celcon bearings ensure a maintenance-free and extended cycle life.
  • Silicone seals are provided as standard to ensure sealing longevity. The seals remain flexible down to -40° F/C.
  • TAMCO's weighted back draft damper blades are securely linked via a large diameter aluminum linkage rod.
  • TAMCO’s linkage and bearing systems combine to provide durable,
    maintenance-free performance.
  • TAMCO's weighted back draft dampers are available in Front Flange, In Duct, or Rear Flange mount types.

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