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TAMCO accessories, linking multiple damper sections.

connecting two horizontal damper sections

2 section damper with jumper

Jumpers may be used to link two damper sections if the total area connected is less than 30 ft² (2.79 m²).

If actuators are to be connected to each section, the jumper bracket should not be used, as the failure of one motor will prevent the remaining motor from operating normally.

  • Jumper bracket halves are die-formed 10 ga. CRS steel with zinc-plated components for all dampers with no Options and for those with the ET, SC, or ECT Options.
  • Jumper bracket halves are 304 stainless steel with stainless steel components for all dampers with the SW or MR Options.
  • Jumper is pre-assembled and ready to mount to U-bolts located on the damper drive blade.
  • Slotted mating surfaces allow for simple adjustment as required.

Multiple Section Damper Jumper Specifications

Multiple Section Damper Jumper Installation Guidelines