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TAMCO accessories for air control dampers

Linkage Plate

TAMCO Linkage plate
  • For use with Series: 1000, 1000 FB, 1500, 8800, 9000, 9000 BF.
  • The TAMCO Linkage Plate is attached to the damper frames, covering the linkage cavity where horizontal sections meet on multi-section TAMCO damper assemblies.
  • It can be installed to reduce the accumulation of airborne dust particles, grime, and moisture on the linkage hardware and within the linkage envelope.
  • The linkage plate also serves to hide linkage components, if a smooth appearance is required for aesthetic purposes.
  • The TAMCO linkage plate extrusion is engineered with integral "legs" that facilitate alignment with the damper frames, making installation quick and easy.
  • The integral legs also fit snuggly against the side frames to create a barrier to dust and water infiltration.
  • The linkage plate is removable. This allows access to the linkage envelope for periodic inspection and cleaning.
  • The plate is manufactured with pre-punched holes for easy assembly.

TAMCO Linkage Plate Specifications and Installation Guidelines