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Low Leakage, Maintenance-Free, Adjustable

Series 7000 WT
Medium-Duty Weighted Backdraft Damper

Series 7000 WT Backdraft Damper
  • Each blade is manufactured with a mounting hole to receive a front-mounted mechanical weight./li>
  • Weights provide increased load resistance and tighter shut-off.
  • Adjustable weights mounted on the exterior face of each blade, permit the blade opening to be tailored to achieve the required resistance and optimal performance, based on installation conditions. (Weights are removable.)
  • Series 7000 WT Weighted Backdraft Dampers can be mounted for horizontal airflow or for airflow up operation.
  • TAMCO's weighted backdraft dampers are available in Front Flange, In Duct, or Rear Flange install types.
  • TAMCO's aluminum construction provides a long, rust-free operational life.
  • Aluminum pivot points are over-sized for additional strength and durability.
  • TAMCO's weighted backdraft damper blades are securely linked via a large diameter aluminum linkage rod.
  • Self-lubricating Celcon bearings ensure a maintenance-free and extended cycle life.
  • Silicone seals are provided as standard to ensure sealing longevity. The seals remain flexible down to -40° F/C.
  • TAMCO’s linkage and bearing systems combine to provide durable, maintenance-free performance.

Series 7000 WT Medium Duty, Maintenance-Free Weighted Backdraft Damper:

  • For installations where adjustable blade resistance is required to resist or delay opening.
  • Used to increase resistance to the opening of blades against airflow until a desired static pressure is achieved.

MR - Moisture Resistance Option:

  • Suitable for applications where dampers are exposed to extended periods of high humidity or high moisture, such as water treatment facilities, municipal pools, and greenhouses.
  • Cost effective alternative to the Salt Water Resistance Option for applications where salt spray is not a concern. (See Options for more details.)

SW - Salt Water Resistance Option:

  • Ideally suited for coastal climates.
  • Recommended for inland applications, where tire spray from winter-salted roads have been known to corrode dampers installed in close proximity to roads or highways.(See Options for more details.)

Air leakage through a 24" x 24" (610mm x 610mm) backdraft damper does not exceed 4.32 cfm/ft² (21.95 l/s/m²) against 1" (0.25 kPa) w.g. differential static pressure at standard air.

MR - Moisture Resistance Option:

  • All zinc-plated steel hardware is replaced with stainless steel, protecting hardware from rust and corrosion when exposed to high humidity or high moisture environments.

SW - Salt Water Resistance Option:

  • Extruded aluminum frames, blades and hardware are clear anodized to a depth of 0.7 mil. (18 microns). This prevents rusting and pitting when backdraft dampers are exposed to salt spray or high humidity environments.
  • All zinc-plated, steel hardware is replaced wtih stainless steel, protecting hardware from rust and corrosion.
  • All aluminum linkage hardware parts are clear anodized.

Caution: Weights and threaded mounting posts are not available in stainless steel and may be subject to rust or corrosion in high moisture or salt spray environments.

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