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TAMCO accessories for air control dampers

Blade Position Indicator

Blade Position Indicator
  • For use with Series: 1000, 1000 FB, 1500, 8800, 9000, 9000 BF.
  • The TAMCO Blade Position Indicator, when used with a TAMCO air control damper, provides a direct mechanical connection from the damper blade to a switching package, indicating when the damper is in the fully open or fully closed position.
  • Employs a frame-mounted assembly that houses two single-pole, double-throw micro switches, which are mechanically connected to a damper blade, thereby providing positive position status.
  • The Blade Position Indicator (Part # AL-1000) can be ordered as a factory-installed accessory or separately for field-installation.

TAMCO Blade Position Indicator Specifications

TAMCO Blade Position Installation Guidelines