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TAMCO accessories for electric actuators

Motor Mounting Bracket
direct-coupled to damper drive rod

Motor Mounting Bracket
  • TAMCO Motor Mounting Brackets (Part # AL-0001) are purpose-built to snap snugly into TAMCO damper frame extrusions.
  • Belimo actuator fits securely inside the mounting bracket, thereby ensuring that there is no rotation of the actuator housing.
  • TAMCO Motor Mounting Brackets simplify actuator installation.
  • No fastening screws are required.
  • Motor mounting bracket fits directly over damper drive rod.
  • Comes with a Celcon spacer bearing, in addition to a Celcon inner bearing and a polycarbonate outer bearing to eliminate action between metal-to-metal riding surfaces.

(Not to be used with In Duct or Extended Rear Flange Install Types.)

Motor Mounting Bracket detail


TAMCO Motor Mounting Bracket