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Installation Guidelines for aluminum control

Extendable Drive Rod

Induct Install Type
  • A 12” (304 mm) long, hexagonal steel drive rod is provided as standard.
  • Dampers are shipped with their drive rod inserted in the drive blade.
  • Drive rods may be extended up to a maximum of 8” (203 mm) beyond the outside edge of the frame by loosening the U-bolt, drawing out the rod to the desired length and then retightening the U-bolt.
  • If required, 24” (609 mm) and 36” (915 mm) long zinc-plated, steel drive rods can be ordered.
  • Series 1000 SM, 1000 SM-M, and 8800 have drive rods that are fixed, and cannot be retracted or extended.


TAMCO Aluminum Control Damper Installation Guidelines