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Install Types for aluminum control dampers.

Installed In Duct
Inserted in a duct or wall opening

Installed In Duct damper

6½”w x 6¾”h (166 mm x 172 mm)

25 ft² (2.3 m²)
60”w x 60”h (1524 mm x 1524 mm) or
48”w x 75”h (1220 mm x 1905 mm)

  • Applies to SP and NP Profiles only. Not available for WP Profile.
  • Damper is manufactured so that the finished outside frame dimensions are ½” (12.7 mm) smaller than specified opening width & height dimensions.
  • Linkage must remain accessible after installation.
  • In Duct Install Type, single section dampers are constructed with a 2" (51 mm) flange behind the linkage and a ¾" (19 mm) flange at the front of the linkage, to facilitate access from the face side of the damper.
  • Linkage for multi-section dampers is located where damper sections meet and can be accessed from the face side of the damper assembly.
  • TAMCO recommends that Series 9000 BF dampers should not be ordered as In Duct Install Type. Duct work will create a thermal bridge, thereby eliminating the effectiveness and purpose of the thermal break in the damper frame.
  • Always provide opening width and height dimensions, when ordering. Width dimension is always parallel to blades. Height dimension is always perpendicular to blades.

TAMCO Aluminum Damper Installation Guidelines