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TAMCO Install Types

Install Types for aluminum control dampers.

Extended Rear Flange
2" extended rear flange frame

Extended Rear Flange Series 7600 CWA

4½”w x 4¾”h (115 mm x 121 mm)

25 ft² (2.3 m²)
60”w x 60”h (1524 mm x 1524 mm)
48”w x 75”h (1220 mm x 1905 mm)

  • Extended Rear Flange Install Type is designed to facilitate installation by providing a larger fastening area, particularly where dampers are to be attached to the opening of an air handling unit, or wall.
  • Blades open towards the extended flange.
  • Heavy-duty backdraft damper is constructed with a 2" (50.8 mm) extended flange around the entire perimeter of the rear side of the damper.
  • The top and bottom frame flanges on the face side of the heavy-duty backdraft damper are 1.063” (27 mm). (The "face" or "front" is the sticker side of the damper.)
  • The side frames on the face side of the backdraft damper are 0.75” (19 mm).
  • Finished inside frame dimensions of the backdraft damper will be identical to the specified opening width & height dimensions.
  • Finished outside frame dimensions will be 4” (101.6 mm) larger than the specified opening width & height dimensions.
  • Extended Rear Flange Install Type heavy-duty backdraft dampers are not designed so that any part of the damper may be inserted into an opening, as the side frame members extend to the full height of the extended flange.
  • Series 7600 WT heavy duty backdraft dampers are not available as Extended Rear Flange install type, as the extended flange would interfere with the operation of the external weights.
  • Extended Rear Flange dampers installed in an air handling unit must always be installed so that the linkage is on the interior, to ensure that it remains dirt-free.
  • Always provide opening width and height dimensions, when ordering. Width dimension is always parallel to blades. Height dimension is always perpendicular to blades.

TAMCO Heavy-Duty Backdraft Damper Installation Guidelines