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Dedicated Zone Control

Series 1000 MZ
Two-Deck Multizone Damper

Series 1000 MZ damper
  • Decks are connected using 7/16" (11.11 mm) extruded aluminum hex rods. The hex rods are stamped into the blade of one deck and U-bolted into the corresponding blade of the opposite deck.
  • Connections between decks will not develop any wear or play.
  • There are no internal mechanisms that can loosen, fail, or be omitted.
  • Transmission of torque, or stroke is direct and without losses.
  • Blades are specifically designed to maintain 90º operation between decks.
  • Internal zone dividers are designed to accept duct connections.

  • (Caution: Never use any lubricants, such as grease or silicone on TAMCO dampers.)

Series 1000 MZ:

Leakage rate does not exceed 3 cfm/ft² (15.2 l/s/m²) against 1 in w.g. (.25 kPa) differential static pressure.

Series 1000 MZ Specifications and Dimensional Parameters

Series 1000 MZ Suggested Specifications

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