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Installation Guidelines for aluminum control

Before Installation
verify damper operation

Level and square damper - Click here to view installation videos
  • Before installing, inspect damper for possible damage caused in shipping, and that it has not been racked or twisted. Measure the damper from corner to corner to verify that it is square.
  • If minor damage has occurred to frame corners or flanges, correct by bending or hammering back into position. Ensure correct realignment of repair, as bent or twisted frames might not mate properly with mounting angles, or additional damper sections.
  • Do not install damper if damage is more than superficial, if uncertain as to extent of damage, or if damper does not seal correctly. CALL TAMCO CUSTOMER SERVICE AT 1-800-561-3449.
  • Operate damper section manually (on a flat section of floor) to verify correct blade action and sealing.
           •  To correctly verify sealing action, loosen hex nuts of U-bolt located on drive blade. Extend steel drive rod to maximum of 8” beyond the outside edge of the frame. Re-tighten hex nuts on U-bolt.
           •  Using drive rod, slowly apply closing torque, while ensuring that damper frame does not twist due to torque being applied. (Larger dampers may require an additional person to hold damper frame square and true.)
           •  If possible, use daylight or inside light source as a backdrop while verifying blade operation. No light should be visible through damper.

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