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Installation Guidelines for aluminum control dampers

Structural Design Requirements
for multi-section dampers

Structural Design Requirements
  • Intermediate structural support is required to resist applied velocity and pressure loads for dampers that consist of two or more sections in both height and width.
  • Tubular structural steel support may be required for large multi-sectioned dampers.
  • A non-insulated TAMCO damper weighs approximately 5 lbs/ft² (24.41 kg/m²). An insulated TAMCO dampers weighs approximately 6 lbs/ft² (29.29 kg/m²).

  • The structure providing intermediate support must be designed to resist the highest pressure load, with deflection of less than L/230. This applies whether the pressure load is created by the mechanical system, by wind load, or if the damper is mounted on the exterior of the building.

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