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Aluminum Strength and Durability

Series 6000
Face or Side Removable Insect Screen

Series 6000 insect screen
  • Face removable screens are easily lifted out of the front of the frame, using nylon finger pulls.
  • Side removable insect screens are designed for installations where front removal is not possible. The screen slides out from the side of the frame using the pull handle.
  • Insect screen is 16 x 16, .011 aluminum mesh.
  • All aluminum screen frames are supplied with silicone seals.
  • TAMCO seals provide outstanding dynamic fatigue resistance.
  • Aluminum extrusions contribute to a prolonged and rust-free operational life.

Series 6000 Removable Insect Screen:

  • Perfect for fresh air intake applications.
  • Areas with high-density insect populations.
  • Areas prone to leaf or air-borne debris accumulation.
  • The ideal solution for preventing foreign particles from entering filtration systems.

Series 6000 Specifications

Series 6000 Suggested Specifications

TAMCO Aluminum Damper Installation Guidelines